Mission Statement

To inspire, empower, and liberate women who are escaping from gender violence and ignite them with the knowledge that they possess the power to break free. 

  • By integrating a holistic visionary approach through vigorous education and outreach, meaningful reform, and inspired advocacy to address the politics of abuse, exploitation, and oppression of women worldwide,

  • Uniting the efforts of South Asian women's organizations to create a collective voice for issues specific to this subgroup.

  • The foundation aims to spark a global movement to revolutionize the field of domestic violence by galvanizing individuals, families, communities, and organizations to take critical action today and be the necessary catalyst for social change.

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Breaking Free & Transformation

The butterfly has always symbolized the beauty of transformation. So small and delicate, eventually the winged marvel emerges from the confines of its restrictive cocoon and breaks free. As it does, it reveals the splendor and magnificence of its true colors showing the world the power of its radiant beauty and demonstrating nothing can hold it back. For every victim of domestic violence, no matter how repressed, she is equally capable of breaking free, transforming her pain, and showing her glory. Through this metamorphosis, she will discover her inner beauty and divine power to heal. 


The Power to Break Free Foundation is dedicated to empowering women and ending gender violence. We are a 501c3 nonprofit with tax-exempt status. We are able to accept contributions and welcome your support. If you have any questions about making a donation please contact us at powertobreakfree@gmail.com. Proceeds from our  book and workbook go towards supporting the work of this foundation. 

Founder/ Author

Anisha Durve is a survivor of physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual abuse. Following her 7-year marriage, she wrote this book as part of her healing journey. Researching DV books, meeting with victims and survivors, interviewing women's organizations, gave her the inspiration to share her story. 

Anisha is committed to inspiring women who live in oppression to know they have the power to break free. Vigorous education and outreach are necessary to address the politics of abuse and oppression of women worldwide. Within the South Asian community, she aims to create a collective voice for issues specific to this subgroup. She is available for speaking engagements and workshops to facilitate victims heal from trauma with holistic tools.  She trains acupuncturists in specific trauma protocols. If you are interested in creating a holistic clinic for victims of gender violence please contact her.

Anisha is a doctor of oriental medicine,  acupuncturist, ayurvedic practitioner, yoga therapist and meditation instructor since 2001. She specializes in a holistic approach to address post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), women's health issues, and emotional balance.   Visit her personal website at www.Anisha.Guru

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Here Anisha’s personal story of breaking free from domestic violence shared with an audience of 100 in Michigan for My Family Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting domestic violence victims and survivors.

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