Companion Workbook to process trauma                                    for victims & survivors of domestic violence

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Description of workbook

The Power to Break Free Workbook is for victims and survivors of domestic violence to facilitate healing, process the deep-seated trauma of abuse, and find the necessary steps to recovery. For victims currently still in an abusive relationship this workbook will help to evaluate your relationship, the effect of the abuse, and provide clarity about your situation. For survivors who have left their abusive partners, this workbook will assist in giving you the tools you need to find closure and embrace a future without abuse. The supportive material and exercises in this Workbook are intended to be used in conjunction with reading the book The Power to Break Free: Surviving Domestic Violence which explains the psychology of abuse in detail.


 "Our program is constantly seeking new information to use with individuals who enter our domestic violence shelters. We recently came across The Power to Break Free Workbook and were very impressed with the contents of this publication and know it will be a positive addition to our program. The book/workbook is very user friendly. We distribute this book to each individual who enters our programs for personal use and for use in the peer support groups. All of the clients we have distributed the workbook to have been excited...It was almost like watching a child open a birthday gift." - S.M. from Gulf Coast Women's Center for Nonviolence in Pascagoula, MS

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