Domestic Violence Facts & Statistics

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New Wheel of Power

Definition: Abuse can be defined as any systematic pattern of behavior employing various strategic tactics that use control to exert dominance over another being. 

6 Types of Abuse include: physical, verbal/emotional, sexual, social, religious/ spiritual, and financial abuse.

Pyramid of Power

Abusers will use these 3 tactics or strategies to gain control. 

1. Male privilege

2. Manipulating others

3. Using societal & cultural support

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NEW Cycle of Violence with 5 stages!

  1. Stage 1- pressure builds & warning signs manifest
  2. Stage 2- unpreventable abusive incident
  3. Stae 3- critical stage where both abuser & victim deal with abusive incident differently (not included in the original cycle of violence)
  4. Stage 4- apologies build emotional attachment
  5. Stage 5- everyday routine resumes as if abusive incident never occurred 

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